Sample the Phenomena

Audio Samples

We're still working on compressing electronic voice phenomena (EVP) without losing any voice frequencies. For now, we're posting samples as uncompressed WAV files. They're short, for fast download, but will help you learn to identify EVP. Each has been enhanced and amplified, using Cool Edit Pro. For best results listen to them with headphones.

"Do not be led astray"

"Hello, Konstantinos"

"I passed on"

"I doubt it"



Video Stills

These were captured with a video feedback loop (as described in Speak with the Dead), using a computer monitor and hard drive instead of tape. Setting the system to black & white made it easier to spot anomalies, as it reduced the distraction of color swells from the camera's feedback. The phantom images were "sharpened" using Adobe Photoshop to make them stand out better.

A face begins to emerge.

It's a woman, seemingly coming out of the screen.

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A mountain on the other side


Note how the cloud-like spot disappeared