Gothic Grimoire

A Book of Shadows from the Shadows.

As the rest of the world goes to sleep, the nightkind--those who prefer to explore the mysteries of the night--prepare for their rites. Whether you are new to the practice of nocturnal magick, or a seasoned dark mystic, this companion to the popular Nocturnal Witchcraft is sure to bring new levels of power to your nights.

Expand your connection to the dark ether and the unseen world with this collection of techniques and rituals taken directly from the authorís personal magickal notebooks. Explore the Nocturnicon--a collection of rites designed to overcome the unique obstacles that appear in the life of nightkind.

Commune with the Dark Gods and Goddesses of the Night with nocturnal rituals for the Sabbats. Examine advanced astral workings, including astral travel, working with thoughtforms, and banishing unwanted energies and entities. Connect with the positive side of the darkness within and without as you learn how to:

*Initiate yourself
*Form a Nocturnal Coven
*Expand your intuition and night vision
*Create a nocturnal servant
*Perform simple exorcisms
*Descend into the Underworld

Not for the meek, the magick youíll encounter in these pages will help you transform yourself and change the way you perceive reality from the night forward.

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ISBN 0-7387-0255-2