Nocturnal Witchcraft - Magick After Dark

Embrace the Powers of Night

Perhaps you are one of the nightkind, one who prefers the mysteries of the dark to the hectic energies of the day. If you are such a child of night, you know that darkness is not "evil." However, many modern witches have overlooked the importance and power of the dark in a quest to distance themselves from negative stereotypes.

Nocturnal Witchcraft presents techniques for working with nocturnal and lunar energies and the ancient gods and goddesses of the darkness--the symbolic realm of shadow, illusion, death and rebirth, and the mysteries of the unknown.

For those who prefer to practice magick after dark, this comprehensive book shows you how to:

* Cast a Nocturnal circle
* Invoke the Dark Gods and Goddesses
* Read minds
* Discover secrets by skrying the night
* Open the gates to the Underworld
* Cast spells through the dark ether

Whether you're new to the Craft or are a practicing witch looking for an alternative point of view, Nocturnal Witchcraft is your guide to the secrets of the night.

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ISBN 0-73870-166-1