Nocturnicon - Calling Dark Forces and Powers

Your Guide to the Dark Side

"Rather than put in decades of training and meditating, you have the chance here to take a shortcut.  All you need is the courage to face the abyss.  To face primal forces that lurk in realms so dark they make even physical night seem aglow." -- Konstantinos

Descending into the realm of Hades ... calling on the tentacled one, Cthulhu. These and many other dark delights await you in Nocturnicon.

Darkness ... demons ... drugs ... death ... life ... love ... sex ... magick ....

Nocturnicon is your ultimate guide to the darker side of the magickal universe.

Drawn from diverse sources--including ceremonial magick, ancient Greek mystery religions, chaotic energies, Hadetic rites, and necromancy--the techniques for working with dark forces found inside this forbidding tome have proven to be more effective than any other form of magick practiced by the author in over fifteen years of study.

Explore nocturnal rites and techniques as you learn to conjure and control primal energies, thoughtforms, Lovecraftian entities, egregores, sigils, and other dark forces.

Learn a shortcut to summoning spirits!

Perform sex magick and death magick rituals to raise some of the strongest energies found in magickal practice.  And, if you think you can handle it, enter altered states to explore the reality normally concealed by waking consciousness.  Everything in this book has been developed--and actually used--by one of the few magickal authors who isn't afraid of the dark.

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ISBN 0-7387-0832-1