Summoning Spirits

The Art of Magical Evocation

Call them, and they will come...

Evoking spirits is one of the most powerful and beneficial magical techniques you can use. But for centuries, this technique has either been kept secret or revealed in unusable fragments by those with little practical evocation experience.

Summoning Spirits is a complete training manual, written by a practicing magician. This book makes performing evocations easy to do, even if you've never performed a magical ritual before. Using the simple instructions in this manual, you can summon spiritual entities to effect miraculous changes in your life. Obtain mystical abilities, locate hidden "treasure," control the weather, even command a spirit army to protect your home while you're away! Each entity has its own special expertise--this book names and describes entities you can evoke to help you succeed in various tasks.

You will learn how to perform evocations to both the astral and physical planes, plus opening and banishing rituals. Do exercises designed to prepare you for magical workings and astral travel, discover how to create a manufactured spirit, consecrate your magical implements, and much more. Includes complete rituals.

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