Speak with the Dead: Seven Methods for Spirit Communication

Are you ready to make contact with loved ones on the other side? This is the first book in the modern marketplace to focus on practical, usable techniques for communicating with those who have moved on.

Whether you've been frustrated in the past by afterlife books that cite case studies but no usable methods, or are just now entering the world of paranormal communication, your search for proof is over. This book will help you make contact, and you don't have to be an electronics whiz or master of a secret occult discipline to succeed.

Catch elusive Electronic Voice Phenomena on tape. Capture phantom faces, both familiar and unfamiliar, on video tape. Even learn to speak with the dead using your mind alone.

Speak with the Dead will guide you to the most awe-inspiring experiences you'll ever have while still alive--to your own contact with deceased loved ones and other souls.
Speak with them. They're waiting.

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ISBN 0-73870-522-5