Werewolves The Occult Truth

There are such things as werewolves...

How does one become—or kill—a werewolf? Where do our modern shapeshifting stories come from? Are werewolves real? The truth is much stranger than fiction. READ MORE


Calling Dark Forces and Powers - Your Guide to the Dark Side

"Rather than put in decades of training and meditating, you have the chance here to take a shortcut.  All you need is the courage to face the abyss.  To face primal forces that lurk in realms so dark they make even physical night seem aglow." READ MORE

Gothic Grimoire
The Companion to Nocturnal Witchcraft - A Book of Shadows from the Shadows

As the rest of the world goes to sleep, the nightkind--those who prefer to explore the mysteries of the night--prepare for their rites. Whether you are new to the practice of nocturnal magick, or a seasoned dark mystic, this companion to the popular Nocturnal Witchcraft is sure to bring new levels of power to your nights. READ MORE

Nocturnal Witchcraft

Magick After Dark - Embrace the Powers of Night

Perhaps you are one of the nightkind, one who prefers the mysteries of the dark to the hectic energies of the day. If you are such a child of night, you know that darkness is not "evil." However, many modern witches have overlooked the importance and power of the dark in a quest to distance themselves  READ MORE

Vampires The Occult Truth

There are such things as vampires...

For the first time ever, here is convincing evidence that vampires really exist. Read first-hand accounts of encounters with vampires and vampirism of all types--the ancient undead of folklore, contemporary mortal blood drinkers who believe themselves to be vampires READ MORE

Summoning Spirits

The Art of Magical Evocation - Call them, and they will come...

Evoking spirits is one of the most powerful and beneficial magical techniques you can use. But for centuries, this technique has either been kept secret or revealed in unusable fragments by those with little practical evocation experience. READ MORE

Speak with the Dead

Seven Methods for Spirit Communication

Are you ready to make contact with loved ones on the other side? This is the first book in the modern marketplace to focus on practical, usable techniques for communicating with those who have moved on. READ MORE